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We are LIVE!

I cant believe it! After 10 years of concentrating on care packages and orphanage updates, we are branching out to a US side of Ladybugs N Love!

As God would have it, the doors opened and the opportunity presented itself to open a China Dossier Prep Service.

What is that?

Well, you know all the paper you collect and notarize and state seal and authenticate? The checking of boxes and calling your agency with questions? The checking if the notary stamp is good and the dates match and... and.....AND........

Thats what I will do for you! (I can be your new adoption best friend)

Why would I want this service? I can do this myself.

Yes, you can; however, many dont have time or just plain dont want to do it. Sometimes a service is worth the money if you have other obligations that need your attention.

What will you do?

* I will be your personal coach for the paperchase.

* I will guide you to collect documents only you can obtain.

* I will go over your documents for errors and wording that needs to be "just so".

* I will check each document's dates against the notary seal.

* I will check the notary stamp and their signature.

* I will compare earnings declared in your employment letter with the net worth statement.

* I will guide you to get country seals if you live in the state that needs them.

* I will mail your documents off to the Secretary of state for each state you need.

* I will help you fill out USCIS forms (I-800a and I-800)

* I will order your documents for submission to the state department and help you gather documents needed to submit.

What experience do you have?

I have adopted 8 children from China and prepared their dossiers. I have also helped friends do their dossiers. I have been "giving advice" for years. I also have been friends with many of the staff from various agencies in the USA. I have personally processed adoptions with four agencies and work with others due to the care package service Ladybugs N Love provides.

How do you have time to do this with 10 children?

(((giggle)))) They are all in school now. I have time on my hands and I want to help others that are called to adopt. It isnt an easy calling and the road is full of peaks and valleys.

I am hoping to make the peaks higher and the valleys a little less stressful.

How do I contact you?

My cell phone is (410) 596-8250 and I live in Maryland so that's Eastern time.

My e-mail is here

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