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(Power of attorney can also be processed this way however your originals cannot be emailed to us)

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROCESS YOUR I-800A APPROVAL THROUGH DC QUICKLY WE CAN HELP!  This expedites the "state level sealing only - not the State department or Embassy.

1.  Email your i-800a approval and copies of your passports to                                    

     If you are processing your POA - please send a signed POA        document with passport copies to our DC address at 

Express Visa Plus

C/O Cris Tan/Kelly Rumbaugh

2202 18th Street NW #308

Washington DC 20009

(Please include a labeled envelope to mail back your document if mailing POA....Please send a fedex number if emailing immigration)

2.   Fees for this services are as follows:

        courier fee: $75.00

        notary fee:  $15.00

        DC govt seal $15.00  (this process takes 24 hours)

        Federal US Department of State seal - $8.00

        Embassy fee $25.00   TOTAL $138.00 for one document

(I can only request an Embassy expedite for aging out or medically fragile - cccwa expedited cases)


(This service includes notarizing your document as a "copy of an original",  and sealing at the Embassy in DC.  Because this document is notarized in DC - it becomes a DC document)

4  Please send fees to DC along with documents...2 checks

1)  LNLAS  $75.00

2)  Express Visa Plus - $63.00

We try our hardest to take the document to be processed the next business day after receipt.  "Life happens" - so sometimes it may be the second business day after receipt. Once your form is submitted and all necessary payments have been made - as well as documentation collected - we will contact you to keep your abreast of the processing.

Questions?  Call Kelly at 410-596-8250   eastern time

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