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Chicago authentication

In order to have a complete dossier, ready to go to China's CCCWA, you need to have a courier take your documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consular General for your state.   The only way you can get around using a courier is if you go yourself.   Many of our Ladybug families desire to have their documents handled by someone they trust who fully understands the importance of the paperwork and the seals needed.  There are various couriers in existence that can help you with this.....OR you can hire our team!

We take your documents to the Chinese Consulate which serves these states:

Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin

Our courier fees are comparable to other couriers.  We are not out to make a fast buck on your need for a courier. Our service offers knowledge, reliability, and personal service with communication at every move of your paperwork.

Fees are the following:

 $75.00 for the first document

 $15.00 thereafter per document. *

Our contact and Chicago expert is Judy Stoner - click HERE to email her


This is for one set of documents.  If there is a need for another courier trip for separate documents the fee begins again with 75.00 for first document.  This is across the board with all services.  *These fees are the courier fees and do not include the per document fees for authentication  These fees are $25 per document for the Embassy processing for 4 days or expedited is 45.00 per document for 2-3 day processing.

Here is an example of fees for our courier service for 13 documents is as follows:

document 1 - $75

document 2-13 - 15.00 each = 180.00

courier fee is $255.00 (13 document example)

please fill out the form found at the link below to utilize our service(visa or authentication):    

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